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So much to Celebrate

We were out in the corn field last night putting the finishing touches on the design for the maze this year. Each year we are anxious as we draw the design by hand (and by we, I mean Tia). We

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A new season for the dairy

We live in a world of change – constantly moving circumstances.  This year will find us at 10 years on the Pumpkin Patch, and we also celebrated 45 years in the dairy business.  February 29th we sold all our milk cows, as part

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Beau’s Big Day

We’re headed out to a celebration!  One of the best kind!  We are headed to Disneyland to celebrate Beau’s remarkable recovery, and what better place!! For those of you that might be new to Thomasson Family Farm, my grandson, Beau,

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A New Season Approaches

I’m here to start to bring you up to date on all the events around the family and the farm – and there are a lot of them!  We have new family members, by the marriage of my oldest granddaughter,

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Spring Planting is in Full Swing!

It’s always a big relief on the farm to start anticipating the arrival of spring, even with all the work it brings.  With the sunshine comes the season of work in the fields, and tractor-time for me!  My happy place

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Ready to Roll!

Our big John Deere 2755 got an overhaul this week and is ready to roll back out to the field. She’s been laid up all winter waiting for time (and money) to replace the clutch and pressure plate. Thanks to our

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Spring on the Farm

We’re coming up on the begining of Pumpkin Patch planting season, with plans circling around in our heads for the upcoming year at the patch. The cows on the farm are looking out at all that grass growing and are anxiously awaiting

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Opening Day

Today is when we remember why we do this. All the thank-yous and smiling faces. Phrase I heard the most today was “we’ve been waiting for 11 months for you to open!” So nice to have the kids back out

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About Us

About me:

A lot of you already know me from the patch – I’m Farmer Cathy, the ‘farmers wife’. Although I didn’t grow up a farm girl, I fell in love with a farm boy, and I had no idea how that would shape my future. The good thing is that I’m from the ‘other’ side, and it makes it easier for me to see how different our life out here on the farm is, and sometimes how much the same we are.
About us:

This is the family – Nana’s pride and joy! – You’ll hear a lot about them and how farm life has shaped them also. I was asked the other day, ‘what drives you, where is your passion?’, and my answer has to be: family, children, and spreading our farming story. The Thomasson Family Farm lets me combine all these things. My goal when we started our ‘pumpkin patch’ was to try to make a connection with our neighbors, both around us here and from the city, back to the farm. I spoke to a nutrition class last week at the U of W, as I strive to tell our story, not only of the pumpkin patch, but about the dairy side of our farm. The class was great, with lots of thoughtful questions, and I want to be able to answer your questions too. Yes, cows really live on our pumpkin patch the rest of the year. I hope you will join me, and I’ll show you around the farm a little, from the cows side of the fence.

DISCLAIMER...The Thomasson Family Farm is part of an actual operating dairy. Please keep in mind that you may encounter rough and weathered structures and terrain. Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes. By visiting and/or participating, you accept and acknowledge these risks. As parents and grandparents ourselves, we ask that you help us in watching your children, for their safety and the safety of all others enjoying the 'farm experience'.
Contacts: 38223 236th Avenue SE | Enumclaw, Washington 98022 | Phone:(360) 802-0503 |