It’s always a big relief on the farm to start anticipating the arrival of spring, even with all the work it brings.  With the sunshine comes the season of work in the fields, and tractor-time for me!  My happy place is on a John Deere pulling a disc around the field getting ready for planting.  The Pumpkins are just breakin thru the ground, having been planted about 10 days ago and with it the anticipation of a new season at the patch.  I’ve been out at the Dairy this morning, getting a field ready for planting some Oats and Grass seed to add to the forage for the animals this winter.  I was surprised to see how wet the ground still was in some places, but happy to say that I didn’t have to give a shout out to Farmer Tim to come and pull me out!!  (My untimate goal!)

We’ll spend the weekend with family celebrating two bithdays, one turns 9 and one 17, and we’ll throw in a dance recital too!  Can’t think of anything I’d rather do!