About Our Farm

Being dairy farmers by trade, we have opened up part of our farm, hoping to share with the children (and children at heart) a little bit of farm life.  Those cows are gone from the property, but our love for farming and sharing our story with all who come hasn’t changed.  We want you to have a connection to farm life – come play in the corn and climb on bales of hay, say ‘hi’ to those farm animals here and climb on an ‘ole’ John Deere that Farmer Tim has set out for that imaginary ride.  Build some memories of life on the farm. #wegrowfun

We are celebrating our 13th anniversary this year and with a Pirates Theme!  Are you willing to try your luck at the corn maze or will ya have to “walk the plank?!”   Arrrggggg!!

The Thomasson Family is holding at 16 grandkids (though grandma and grandpa are always hoping for more!). We thoroughly enjoy the time we spend together working on the pumpkin patch as a family. Each child helps in their own way, whether it’s helping pulling weeds, painting signs or keeping the small ones entertained (if driving Grandpa’s “Gator” can be considered a job, they’re all for it!). Come on out and spend some time with us, we are excited to share our farm with you. Make it a tradition, we hope each child will feel that they spent time on a farm growing up – the Thomasson Family Farm!

This is the family – Nana’s pride and joy!

You’ll hear a lot about them and how farm life has shaped them also. I was asked the other day, ‘what drives you, where is your passion?’, and my answer has to be: family, children, and spreading our farming story. The Thomasson Family Farm lets me combine all these things. My goal when we started our ‘pumpkin patch’ was to try to make a connection with our neighbors, both around us here and from the city, back to the farm. I spoke to a nutrition class last week at the U of W, as I strive to tell our story, not only of the pumpkin patch, but about the dairy side of our farm. The class was great, with lots of thoughtful questions, and I want to be able to answer your questions too. Yes, cows really live on our pumpkin patch the rest of the year. I hope you will join me, and I’ll show you around the farm a little, from the cows side of the fence.

Some family fun facts:  The smallest cow in the roping herd was made with a saw horse that Grandpa Tim made in high school.  The milk bucket used in the hand milking station, was the same one that Grandpa Tim’s family used to milk their family cow.  There really is a reason we keep all that stuff!

A lot of you already know me from the patch – I’m Farmer Cathy, the ‘farmers wife’. Although I didn’t grow up a farm girl, I fell in love with a farm boy, and I had no idea how that would shape my future. The good thing is that I’m from the ‘other’ side, and it makes it easier for me to see how different our life out here on the farm is, and sometimes how much the same we are.