Party guests include everyone 3yrs and over (adults included). To schedule a party please email us at

Thomasson family farm is a great place to celebrate that special birthday. No matter your age you will have plenty of opportunities to create those magical memories. WE GROW FUN!

 FAQ  Birthdays

  • What if I have more than 15 people coming?
    • That’s ok!  Your birthday host will be in charge of handing out admission bracelets.  They will keep a count of how many bracelets you use for the party.  The first 15 bracelets are included in the birthday package.  Any additional bracelets will be added to your total. Every adult and child 3 and older needs an admission bracelet. 
  • Is there a senior discount for birthday guests?
    • The birthday and senior discount for admission is the same. 
  • When do I pay?
    • At the end of your party please check in with the birthday host.  They will have your total and you can settle up with them at that time. 
  • Where do I park?
    • Guests can all use general parking and check in with the greeter near the ticket booth.  There will be a sandwich board that says “birthday check-in”.  They will be directed to the birthday barn where they will receive their admission bracelets. The birthday host is allowed to park behind the large barn for easier loading/unloading. Directions: Take a right out of our main exit.  At the end of the pumpkin field there will be a gravel driveway that will take you to the back side of the hay barn.  Follow the signs to your parking spot (one parking spot per birthday reservation). 
  • When can I set up? 
    • You’re allowed to arrive for set up 30 minutes prior to your birthday start time. 
  • Can I stay and play after the party is over?
    • Of course!  Your admission bracelets are good for the entire day!  However, your party table rental is only for 2 hours.  We ask that you clean up your party at your assigned end time, we often have another party following yours. 
  • Can I order food from the farm to be delivered to my birthday area?
    • You need to prearrange any large food order prior to your party day. Some options are hot dog kids meals, corn dogs or a donut plater. 
  • Can I bring in my own food?
    • Yes!  Feel free to bring your own food for the party. There are no flames allowed in the hay barn (including birthday candles). 
  • How many tables are provided?
    • There are 3 picnic tables as well as a 6 foot staging table.
  • Do I have a private room?
    • Each birthday spot is set up in our big barn undercover.  The spots are separated but several can be going on at the same time. 
  • Can I  keep my birthday area longer than the designated 2 hours?
    • You will need to prearrange a longer rental prior to your party date.  Tables fill up quickly and there are often back to back parties. 
  • Do I need my own decorations?
  • Table clothes are included.  You are welcome to bring in your own decorations for the party. 
  • The birthday party is for a 2 year old/ Do I still need to pay?
    • Yes, There is a minimum fee for a birthday party rental.  This includes 15 admission bracelets you may use for anyone 3 and older. 2 and under do not need a bracelet.