a home decor & sweet shop


MARCH 25th – 26th 11am-3pm

MARCH 29th – APRIL 2nd 10am-4pm

APRIL5th – 8th 10am-4pm

 We carry a line of exclusive everyday and seasonal decor.  Along with store bought items we have hand picked a group of very talednted local makers to sell their artwork.  Which comes in a variety or art, from signs to earings to handcrated items and so much more. A lot of pieces are one of a kind, so plan your shopping trip early!

Don’t miss out on our canned pickles, jams, surups, pepper jellies, honey, farm made fudge and caramel apples.

A Home Decor & Sweet Shop  (visiting the store is included in your admission to the farm).

What if I only want to visit the store?

The “Parlor Pass” is reserved for my valued shoppers only! This pass is intended for my customers who only wish to come shopping and aren’t interested in visiting the farm.  You must be 18yrs or older to purchase a pass and will receive in store credit towards your purchase at the Parlor for the value of farm admission.  We hope that you honor our request and use this pass as intended.  

Buy your pass on site at the ticket booth.

 *This pass is good for approximately 40 mins.  We realized that sometimes there may be lines and the time will be adjusted accordingly.

here’s a peek at past inventory

We have a great selection of sweets to offer also, such as gourmet fudge, caramel apples (while supplies last, they’re a crowd favorite), caramels, jams, syrups, raw local honey…. the list keeps going.

Thomasson Family Farm apparel will be found in here also.  Our product and availability is always changing so you have to come in shopping to see what we have.

The Parlor is only open seasonally for fall, christmas & spring!

I try and keep updated pictures of new products and info of what you’ll find in the store on my facebook and instagram account.  Follow me @theParlorAtThePatch and if you visit the shop or style a piece in your home, tag me on instagram.  I’d love to see it and repost your pictures to share with others.