Our big John Deere 2755 got an overhaul this week and is ready to roll back out to the field. She’s been laid up all winter waiting for time (and money) to replace the clutch and pressure plate. Thanks to our friend and mechanic, John, for doing the big job! This is the tractor I like to use to get the fields ready for planting. We are still waiting for the fields to dry out, or we might need pontoons for tires!

We were able to start unloading the lagoon with our stored up ‘nutirents’ (manure) this week. The soil is ready for the extra boost needed for the growing season. We’ll test the soil for nutirents and see what is needed to keep it healthy. Whether we plant corn or pumpkins, or let the pasture grow, it’s all used on the farm to feed back to the animals. That’s the kind of recycling we keep doing here on the farm.