We’re headed out to a celebration!  One of the best kind!  We are headed to Disneyland to celebrate Beau’s remarkable recovery, and what better place!!

For those of you that might be new to Thomasson Family Farm, my grandson, Beau, was severely burned in an explosion last May.  It was a horrible experience, but it was riddled with so many blessings.  Blessings from God, blessings from the entire community.  Beau’s recovery will continue for many years, but his ability and eagerness to get back to his life prior to the accident has kept him moving forward.  Back to school, back to baseball, back to football.  His famous line is “don’t bother telling me why I can’t do it- because I’m going to do it!”  That attitude will carry him far – and we are all behind him.  (mostly, anyway – this nanna struggles a little with what we call the ‘bubble wrap’ syndrome, as I just want to keep him all wrapped up).

Anyway, back to the celebration.  This started right back at the beginning, sitting in Harborview, when our church, MRCC, came in to offer Beau a trip somewhere – something he could look forward to at a time when he had so little to look forward to.  Of course, Disneyland was his choice.  It is just ahead of us now, a lot of planning, a lot of family with so much to be thankful for.

We Love you Beau!!

Farmer “Nanna”