Corn Maze



Each year our corn maze is designed and hand cut into the field by daughter, Tia. Her ability to stand in 5 acres of corn and know where she is to draw a giant design is A-maze-ing!

We are excited to share our corn maze again this year with Darigold, bringing you “Farmalicious” – where farm meets delicious.  It’s a perfect match for us, as we ship our milk to Darigold and have for 42 years.  Our maze has numbered posts throughout and a questionnaire to help guide you through, if you so choose.

DISCLAIMER...The Thomasson Family Farm is part of an actual operating dairy. Please keep in mind that you may encounter rough and weathered structures and terrain. Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes. By visiting and/or participating, you accept and acknowledge these risks. As parents and grandparents ourselves, we ask that you help us in watching your children, for their safety and the safety of all others enjoying the 'farm experience'.
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